Something About us...

We understand your Dog is very special to you!

Dog Hostel Jaipur was started out of a desire to open our own business doing something we would love to do and offer a needed business. Dog Hostel strives to be a place of joy and comfort to our guests. We realized that while it is fun and great to have pets as companions, taking regular care of your pets is not that easy. Dog Hostel is a professional pet care service company offering convenient and responsible pet care services, making pet care easier. We ensure that our guests are given the five star services they deserve! Dog Hostel doesn't reserve a bias for pedigree dogs and welcomes our own Indian dogs with equal enthusiasm. The Boarding service provided by Dog Hostel is only one of its kind in Jaipur. Dog Hostel is a cage less pet boarding facility. When the pets come onboard we try to give them the same treatment as their parents treat and keep them. Pets Home provides end to end services and hence pet parents need not to provide anything along with the pet. The stay includes- Food, Play, Walks and Basic Daily Grooming.

At Dog Hostel we're as committed to your dog's happiness and well-being, as you are. Plus, we give owners a break in their busy schedules and from dreaded dog guilt! We maintain a safe and nurturing environment for our guests, young puppies and older dogs are provided special care. We are committed to providing your dogs with the very best quality pet care.

Dog Hostel also offers Pet Taxi services to pick up and drop off our guests from anywhere in Jaipur, Rajasthan.



Dog Sell/Buy

We sale & purchase all type of good quality pups at best price.


Dog Clinic

We can provide best dog clinic with qualified team of professionals.


Dog Grooming

We offer complete dog grooming services to all our customers.


Dog Boarding

We provide dog boarding services to our clients with our trained & caring staff.


Food & Nutrition

We can provide our customer with best nutritional & food products for their loving pet's.

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